Hello from Tokyo, one of the most megacities in Japan

I'm Takeo, a 30-year-old Japanese man living in Tokyo, Japanese capital and one of the most megacities in Japan.


So far I have traveled to 21 countries, including 6-month stay in Berlin, Germany and 9-month stay in Seoul, South Korea to learn German or Korean.

I have experienced every country's culture and nature which could never do in Japan, that makes me always curious about the world!

Introduction of Wonderful Places, Stylish and Useful Cafes in Tokyo

From my overseas travel experiences, I would like to give useful information about the metropolitan city for travelers from all around the world!

Especially I will introduce wonderful places, stylish and useful cafes in Tokyo.
So please enjoy my blog!

Tokyo Tower and Cherry Blossoms (4th April, 2015)

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