Waseda - Slowly but Energetic at College Town of Waseda University

When you arrive Waseda(早稲田), a northern side of Shinjuku-Ward(新宿区), you might be able to see many energetic students not only from Japan but also from all over the world!

Waseda - Home of Waseda University

After Getting down on Tokyo Metro(東京メトロ) Tozai Line(東西線) Waseda Station(早稲田駅), you can find a main campus of Waseda University, one of the most popular and high-leveled Japanese universities.

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (with Blue Color) Waseda Station

Exit 2, 3a, 3b for Waseda University

Waseda University main campus and Okuma Auditorium(大隈講堂), a symbol of the university

Lunch Box Strore for Waseda University Students

Waseda- Slowly but also Energetic

Even though Waseda is near Shinjuku, Waseda is not so noisy, but you could feel energetic when you see the students walking with textbooks or making performances.

Time flows slowly at Waseda

Street Performance next to a small theater 'Waseda Shochiku(早稲田松竹)

Map of Waseda