Waseda - New Graduates Wearing Kimono at Graduation Ceremony

In general, first semester in Japanese universities begin from April to September, second one from October to March.

That is, on every March so much graduation ceremonies(Sotsugyo-Shiki, 卒業式) are held at Japanese Universities.

This March a graduation ceremony was held for three days at Waseda University(早稲田大学), one of the most famous and high-ranked universities in Japan.

Waseda - Students with colorful Kimono or Suit

Most Japanese graduates see graduation ceremony as a special event in their life before they become busy with their new work at the company to which they newly belong.

So the men put on suit and the women wear Kimono(着物), a Japanese traditional clothing, at the ceremony.

New Graduates Wearing Kimono

Victory Toss(Doage, 胴上げ), a Japanese general celebration way, for a new graduate

Waseda - Whole Town Congratulates New Graduates

Shopping streets and residents in Waseda also celebrate new graduates for their efforts and new start in their life.

"Congratulations for Graduation(Syuku Sotsugyo, 祝卒業)" from a Flower Shop in Waseda

"Congratulations for Graduation(Syuku Gosotsugyo, 祝御卒業)" from a Shopping Street in Waseda

Access to Waseda University

7-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line(東京メトロ東西線) Waseda Station(早稲田)

Map around Waseda University

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