Asakusa - Enjoying Watching Flowers and Tokyo Skytree from Sumida Park at Night

Asakusa(浅草) is one of the popularist area in Tokyo for tourist.

Especially on March and April, seen as Cherry Blossoms Season(Sakura no Kisetsu, 桜の季節), we can enjoy so-called Hanami(watching flowers, 花見) in Sumida Park(隅田公園), not only in afternoon, but also at night.

Asakusa - Cherry Blossoms in Sumida Park Lighten Up 

Kaminari-mon(雷門), Nakamise Shopping Street(仲見世商店街), Asakusa has a lot of attractive places to visit.

In Sumida Park, where is located along Sumida River(隅田川), many cherry blossoms tree are planted.

At night, these cherry blossoms are lit up beautifully to enjoy Hanami.

Cherry blossoms are lit up at Sumida Park

Cherry blossoms are lit up at Sumida Park

Under lit up cherry blossoms visitors enjoy eating and drinking

Local staffs serve meals in Sumida Park

Asakusa - Night Scene with Tokyo Skytree from Sumida Park

Along Sumida River Tokyo Skytree(東京スカイツリー), which was completely built in 2012 and has 634m tall, is located with colorful light.

At Sumida Park we can enjoy watching cherry blossom as well as the highest bright tower in Japan.

Along Sumida River, Tokyo Skytree is situated with bright color light. 

Cherry Blossoms at Sumida Park and Tokyo Skytree

Access to Sumida Park

3-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line(東京メトロ銀座線) Asakusa Station(浅草) Exit 4

4-minute Walk from Toei Asakusa Line(都営浅草線) Asakusa Station(浅草) Exit A5

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station

Map around Sumida Park

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