Komagome - Weeping Cherry at Japanese Garden 'Rikugi-en'

When it comes to end of March or first of April, Japanese see them as Cherry Blossoms Season(Sakura no Kisetsu, 桜の季節).

In Komagome(駒込), a northern side of Tokyo we can enjoy walking in a Japanese Garden 'Rikugi-en(六義園)', watching beautiful cherry blossoms.

Komagome - Rikugi-en is the very Japanese Garden

Rikugi-en, created by a Lord Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa(柳沢吉保) in 1702(Edo Era), had belonged to Japanese enterpreneur Yataro Iwasaki(岩崎弥太郎), founder of Mitsubishi Group(三菱).

Iwasaki family donated this garden to the City of Tokyo in 1938, therefore people in Tokyo was able to get to enjoy the garden.


Japanese Teahouse(Chaya, 茶屋) at Rikugi-en

Komagome - Weeping Cherry at Rikugi-en

On every March and April many tourists visiting Rikugi-en are attracted by a large weeping cherry tree(Shidare-Zakura, しだれ桜).

The flowers of the tree make them feel that spring has come.

Weeping Cherry at Rikugi-en

Weeping Cherry at Rikugi-en

Visitors Taking Photos of Weeping Cherry at Rikugi-en

Rolling Cup on Umbrella Performance at Rikugi-en

Komagome - Enjoy Japanese Sweet and Green Tea at Rikugi-en

When you come to Rikugien, enjoy also eating Japanese sweet 'Wagashi(和菓子)' and drinking green tea.

Menu on Japanese Teahouse(Chaya, 茶屋) at Rikugi-en

Rice Dumpling(Dango, 団子) and Green Tea

Baking Rice Dumpling(Dango, 団子)

Website of Rikugi-en

(French, Chinese, Korean are also available)

Access to Rikugi-en

7-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line(東京メトロ南北線) or JR Yamanote Line(山手線) Komagome Station(駒込)

Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Komagome Station

Map around Rikugi-en

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