Naka-Meguro - One of The Most Popular Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo

Throughout Tokyo, many cherry blossom festivals take place from end of March to first of April.

At Naka-Megro(中目黒), annual Naka-Megro Cherry Blossom Festival(Naka-Megro Sakura Matsuri, 中目黒桜まつり) took place along Megro River(目黒川) on 2. April, 2017.

Naka-Meguro - One of The Most Popular Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo

Naka-Meguro is, according to a survey by a Japanese real estate agency, one of the most popular residential area in Tokyo.

Japanese regards the area as cool and fashionable.

So not only the inhabitants but also many tourists enjoy shopping and dinner at Naka-Megro, especially in Hanami(花見, Enjoying viewing beautiful cherry blossoms with eating and drinking) Season.

Tourists visiting Naka-Megro

Cherry Blossoms along Megro River

Cherry Blossoms on Megro River

Grilled Eel Shop

Naka-Megro - Traditional Japanese Music Performances in Cherry Blossom Festival

In Naka-Megro Cherry Blossom Festival, traditional Japanese music groups showed us wonderful performances playing taiko(太鼓, Japanese drum) or Tsugaru-jamisen(津軽三味線, three-stringed instrument from Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori, Tohoku Region).

Taiko Performance along Megro River

Big Taiko Performance along Megro River

Tsugaru-jamisen Performance along Megro River

Access to Naka-Megro

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line(東京メトロ日比谷線) or Tokyu Toyoko Line(東急東横線) Naka-Megro Station(中目黒)

Map around Naka-Megro Station

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