Nezu - Azalea Festival in Nezu Shrine

Flowers of sakura(桜, Cherry Blossom), a most representative flower in Japanese spring, unfortunately almost fell off and sakura-season came to an end.

Not only sakura, however of course, but also other flowers flourish in Japanese spring, such as azalea, tsutsuji(つつじ) in Japanese.

Nezu - Azalea Garden in Nezu Shrine 

In Nezu Shrine(Nezu-Jinja, 根津神社), which stands over 300 years, there is an azalea garden where many kinds of azalea bloom colorfully and beautifully from middle of April to first of May.

From 8th April to 5th May in the azalea garden, annual Bunkyo Azalea Festival(Bunkyo Tsutsuji Matsuri, 文京つつじ祭り) is being held.

Let's enjoy beautiful azalea flowers in Nezu Shrine azalea garden!

Azalea Garden in Nezu Shrine

Azalea Garden in Nezu Shrine

Wishing Good Health(Kenko Kigan, 健康祈願) in Nezu Shrine

Website of Bunkyo Azalea Festival


Access to Nezu Shrine

9-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line(東京メトロ千代田線) Nezu Station(根津) Exit 1

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nezu Station

Map around Nezu Statoin and Nezu Shrine

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