Nezu - Shitamachi in northern Tokyo

Tokyo has many Shitamachi(下町) areas.

Shitamachi refers to traditional residential area in big city such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka since beginning of 20th Century.

Nezu(根津) is the one of Shitamachis in Tokyo.

Nezu - Shitamachi in Yanesen

Nezu is one of the most representive Shitamachis in Tokyo which consists of Yanesen(谷根千) area.

After Getting down on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line(東京メトロ千代田線) Nezu Station(根津駅), you would be able to find old houses and some antique shops and cafes which reuse renovated old houses.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nezu Station

Old houses stand in a row in Nezu

Renovated Sweets Shop in Nezu

Picture Atelier and Cafe in Nezu

Nezu - Wishing good health and happiness at Nezu Shrine

People in Nezu often visit Nezu Shrine(根津神社) which is said to have been built by legendary Yamato Takeru No Mikoto(日本武尊) about 1,900 years at Sendagi(千駄木) and relocated to Nezu about 300 years ago, to wish their good health and happiness.

Some visitors donate small Torii(鳥居) so that their wishes come true.

Nezu Shrine

Visitor to Nezu Shrine

Visitor wishing good health and happiness at Nezu Shrine

Toriis donated by visitors to become their wishs come true

Visitors going through donated Toriis

Map of Nezu

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