Oji - Enjoying Hanami at Asukayama Park

When it comes to end of March or first of April, Japanese see the period as Cherry Blossoms Season(Sakura no Kisetsu, 桜の季節).

At the season, Japanese enjoy Hanami(花見), which means watching flowers.

The 'flowers' in Hanami refers especially to cherry blossom.

Oji - Asukayama Park, A Small Resort in Northern Tokyo 

Asukayama Park(飛鳥山公園) is in Oji(王子), a northern area of Tokyo where the only tram line in Tokyo Toden Arakawa Line(都電荒川線) runs through.

Toden Arakawa Line

Children Playing in Asukayama Park

What are you watching?

Oji - Asukayama pakr one of the best Hanami places in Tokyo

In Asukayama Park cherry blossoms were planted 280 years ago by an order of Yoshimune Tokugawa, the 8th Shogun of Edo Era, to make the park a small resort.

Now Asukayama Park is one of the best places to do Hanami in Tokyo.

I said, Hanami means watching flowers, actually however, Japanese adults enjoy eating, drinking and talking with families or friends or colleagues, without watching flowers. 

So a Japanese proverb is "Hana Yori Dango(花より団子, dumplings rather than flowers)".

The title of Japanese Manga Hana Yori Dango(花より男子, Boys Over Flowers) derives from this proverb, by the way.

Park is crowded with people enjoying Hanami

Cherry Blossoms in Asukayama Park

Bon-Odori Stage under Blooming of Cherry Blossoms

Toden Arakawa Line Train along Asukayama Park

Website of Asukayama Park

(Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, German, Italian and Spanish are also available)

Access to Asukayama Park

4-minute Walk from JR Keihin-Tohoku Line(京浜東北線) Oji Station(王子) North Exit

8-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line(東京メトロ南北線) Oji Station(王子) Exit 3

Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Oji Station

Map around Asukayama Park

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