Machiya - Colorful Roses Flourishing Shitamachi

Tokyo has many public or volunteer activities which plant green trees or colorful flowers so that the citizens can feel nature in the mega city.

Arakawa Ward(荒川区, Arakawa-ku) takes an action to plant colorful roses along Toden Arakawa Line(都電荒川線) around Machiya(町屋).

Machiya - Toden Arakawa Line runs through the Traditional Residence Area in Tokyo

Machiya, where Toden Arakawa Line runs through, is one of the most representive Shitamachis(下町), traditional residence area.

Toden Arakawa Line throughout Machiya

Machiya is one of the most representative Shitamachis

Machiya - Special Rose Market held annually

Around Machiya Station, Arakawa Ward holds special annual Arakawa Bara-no-ichi(あらかわバラの市, meaning Arakawa Rose Market), which sells grown beautiful roses along Toden Arakawa Line.

On 20th May 2017, the ward and the citizens celebrated the event's 9th anniversary.

Arakawa Bara-no-ichi, Arakawa Rose Market

Colorful and Beautiful Roses at Arakawa Rose Market

Arakawa Rose Market along Toden Arakawa Line

Arakawa Rose Market along Toden Arakawa Line

Machiya - Arakawa Nature Park with view of Tokyo Skytree

When we get off at Arakawa Nichome Stop(荒川二丁目), the second stop from Machiya Station of Toden Arakawa Line, we can reach Arakawa Nature Park(荒川自然公園, Arakawa Shizen Koen), where is a good place to rest for people of Machiya.

Arakawa Nichome Stop of Toden Arakawa Line

Arakawa Nature Park

Carp in Arakawa Nature Park

Children are playing with full of joy in Arakawa Nature Park.

Flowers of Azalea in Arakawa Nature Park

Playing Child Watching Tokyo Skytree(東京スカイツリー)

Website of Arakawa Sightseeing Map(Including Arawaka Nature Park) 


Access to Machiya

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line(東京メトロ千代田線) Machiya Station(町屋)

Keisei Main Line(京成本線) Machiya Station(町屋)

Toden Arakawa Line(都電荒川線) Machiya Station Stop(町屋駅前)

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Machiya Station

Map of Machiya and Arakawa Nature Park

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