Mount Takao - Fresh Green Season in Mount Takao

In spring, leaves of trees which had falling during winter grow again with fresh green color.

That Shinryoku-no-Kisetsu(新緑の季節, Fresh Green Season)make us refresh to start something new or take a trip to park or forest or mountain.

You would not image that Tokyo is full of nature.

It is partly true, and wrong.

You could understand why I tell you so when you take a trip to Mount Takao(高尾山, Takao-san)

Mount Takao - Full of Nature in Tokyo valued as Three-Star

599m-high Mount Takao is full of nature in Tokyo.

We can reach reach the gate of the mountain when we ride train from Shinjuku to take about an hour.

That means it is not so hard to visit Mount Takao from the center of Tokyo and be able to enjoy fresh green and even view Mount Fuji(富士山, Fuji-san) from the top of Mount Takao.

The nature is so beautiful that French travel guidebook Michelin valued the attractive mountain as Three-Star in 2009.  

Enjoy hiking on Mount Takao, watching fresh green leaves

On The Way to Top of Mount Takao

View from Top of Mount Takao

Watching Mount Fuji from Top of Mount Takao

Mount Takao - Enjoy hiking with tasty Japanese foods and sweets

On the way from the gate to the top of Mount Takao, there are some restaurants and shops where we can taste Japanese foods and sweets.

But be careful not to eat too much.

Japanese Food Restaurant at Top of Mount Takao

Rice Dumpling

So Tasty Matcha Soft Ice Cream

Mount Takao - Sacred Place of Japanese Buddhism

Mount Takao has been also regarded as sacred place of Japanese Buddhism because Yakuo-in(薬王院), a Japanese Buddhism temple stands there.

It is said that the Yakuo-in had been built by a Buddhism preist Gyoki(行基) on the orders of Emperor Shomu(聖武天皇, Shomu Tenno) in 744, and was restored as temple of Shingon Buddhism(真言宗, Shingon-shu) practice asceticism by another preist Shungen Daitoku(俊源大徳) in 1375.

Today many tourists visit Yakuo-in to wish good health, good luck, and that their dreams come true.

List of names donating trees to Yakuo-in

Gate of Yakuo-in

Tengu(天狗) helps our lives.

Wishing at Yakuo-in

Wishing at Yakuo-in

Imformation Website of Mount Takao

(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French are also available)

Website of Yakuo-in

(Traditional Chinese, Korean are also available)

Access to Gate of Mount Takao

7-minute Walk from Keio Takao Line(京王高尾線) Takaosanguchi Station(高尾山口)

Keio Takao Line Takaosanguchi Station

Map around Gate of Mount Takao

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