Tokyo Travel Tips - The Easiest and Most Reasonable Way to go to Mount Takao

As my blog's article of Mount Takao, I enjoyed spring's fresh green in Mount Takao(高尾山, Takao-san).

Here I would like to introduce the easiest and most reasonable way to go to Mount Takao, not only for me, but also for tourists from foreign countries.

Go to Mount Takao with Mt. Takao Discount Ticket

With Mt. Takao Discount Ticket(高尾山きっぷ, Takao-san Kippu) which a railway company Keio(京王) offers, you can go to Mount Takao easily.

The discount ticket includes a round-trip ticket from Shinjuku(新宿) to Takaosanguchi(高尾山口) Station and cable car.

When you normally try to go from Shinjuku to Takaosanguchi(with Transportation IC Card like Suica, PASMO and etc.) and ride the cable car, that costs you 1,742 Yen.

However, you can get the discount ticket with 1,380 Yen, 362 Yen discount.

Mt. Takao Discount Ticket.
Left-Below: ticket for cable car
Right-Above: inward ticket for Keio Line train
Right-Below: outward ticket for Keio Line train

How to Buy Mt. Takao Discount Ticket

I would like to show you how to buy Mt. Takao Discount Ticket with photos.

1. Go to Shinjuku Station of Keio Line

2. In front of automatic ticket machine, press button displayed 'English 中文・한국어'

3. Change language you want.(English, Chinese, Korean are available) I select English.

4. Press 'Discount Ticket'

5. Press ''Mt. Takao Discount Ticket

6. If you want to ride cable car only once and walk another, press left. If not(cable car with round-trip), press right.

7. Select how many persons use the ticket and press 'OK'.

8. Insert Cash or Transport IC Card(Credit Card is not available) and the ticket is issued automatically.

Ride on Keio Line Train and Cable Car

When you can get Mt. Takao Discount Ticket, let's ride Keio Line train and cable car.

1. Go through silver colored ticket gate with inserting the discount ticket.

2. Ride Keio Line train bound for Takaosanguchi

3. Get off the train at Takaosanguchi terminal.

4. Walk to the cable car station(No need to buy another ticket for cable car at the station).

5. Ride cable car

6. Let's walk to the top of Mount Takao!

More Imformation of Mt. Takao Discount Ticket

(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French are also available)

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