Jingu Stadium - Watching Japanese Professional Baseball Game in Open Air Ballpark

Which sports are the most popular in Japan?

Soccer(サッカー)? Sumo(相撲)?

Actually, no.

The league which consists of 54 teams is less popular than Japan national team because almost Japanese valuable players are playing overseas like Shinji Kagawa(香川真司) who belongs to German Borussia Dortmund and Shinji Okazaki(岡崎慎司) to England Leicester City.

Sumo is a Japanese traditional sport, but the events are held only in big city like Tokyo, Osaka(大阪), Nagoya(名古屋) and Fukuoka(福岡). 

The answer is baseball(野球, Yakyu)!!

Baseball games are taken place all over Japan from Hokkaido(北海道) to Kyushu(九州) and we can enjoy outstanding players belonging to the league, from which Ichiro(イチロー), Hideki Matsui(松井秀喜), Koji Uehara(上原浩治) and many Japanese Major League Baseball players also started their career.

So let's watching Japanese professional baseball game during visiting Tokyo!

Jingu Stadium - The Reason why Baseball is so Popular among Japanese

Baseball is played by 2 teams which have each 9 players on a field.

Baseball rule is similar with that of cricket.

So that is why it is said that baseball is the sport originated from England.

But why is baseball so popular in Japan?

I think the reason is that many seesaw games are played and comeback win could happen very well.

That's why Japanese people mostly like baseball and are much enthusiastic with baseball game.

Japanese Baseball Fans Wearing a Baseball Team Uniform Going to Jingu Stadium

Jingu Stadium - Homeground of Japanese Professional Baseball Team in Tokyo

Jingu Stadium(神宮球場) is the homeground of Tokyo Yakult Swallows(東京ヤクルトスワローズ), one of 12 Japanese professional baseball team, where we can watch baseball game with open air in Tokyo.

Jingu Stadium is the homeground of Tokyo Yakult Swallows

Cheerleading Team for Japanese Professional Baseball Team Tokyo Yakult Swallows 'Passion'

Jingu Stadium - Fans Enjoying Wonderful Plays and Entertainment at Ballpark

Japanese Baseball Fans visit ballpark especially in weekend to root for their own favorite team.

The fans enjoy wonderful plays of the players and cheering for the favorite team with other same team's fans together.

Japanese Baseball Fans Gathering at Jingu Stadium

Jingu Stadium Packed with Japanese Baseball Fans

Large Screen at Jingu Stadium

Japanese Baseball Fans Rooting for Their Favorite Team

Boy at Jingu Stadium

Tokyo Yakult Swallows Fans Rooting for the Outfielder Wladimir Ramon Balentien

Tokyo Ondo(東京音頭) Rooting for Tokyo Yakult Swallows

Jingu Stadium - Enjoy Ballpark Even in Postgame

We can enjoy Japanese ballpark even after baseball game because special events are held especially in weekend!

On the gameday I visited, women baseball fans could get down to the Jingu Stadium field to walk on the field and take photos.

Baseball Game is Over

Japanese Women Baseball Fan Enjoying Walking on Field and Taking photos

Baseball Player from Venezuela Belonging to Japanese Professional Baseball Team Thanking Fans for Cheering 

Website of Jingu Stadium

(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean are also available)

Access to Jingu Stadium

7-minute Walk from KeioTokyo Metro Ginza Line(東京メトロ銀座線) Gaiemmae Station(外苑前) Exit 3

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Gaienmae Station

Map around Jingu Stadium

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