Kiyosumi-shirakawa - Experience Edo Era's Town in Fukagawa Edo Museum

Kiyosumi-shirakawa is one of the most representative Shitamachis(下町, Japanese traditional residential area) in Tokyo.

Developing of not only the Shitamachis, but also Tokyo itself started since the opening of Edo Bakufu(江戸幕府, Tokyo-centered government organized by Japanese warriors so-called Bushi or Samurai in Japanese) about 400 years ago.

We are not in Edo Era(江戸時代, period controlled by Edo Bakufu) of course, but we can even now experience shape of Shitamachi in Edo Era at Fukagawa Edo Museum(深川江戸資料館).

Kiyosumi-shirakawa - Fukagawa Edo Museum in Tokyo's Shitamachi

A small town where wooden houses stand inside Fukagawa Edo Museum reproduce a Shitamachi in Edo Era.

We can find easily how people in Edo Era live in the houses.

Museum Visitors Experiencing Town in Edo Era at Fukagawa Edo Museum

Vegetable Shop in Edo Era

Inside Wooden House in Edo Era

Dining Room in Wooden House in Edo Era

Kura(蔵), Warehouse of Food and Drink

Rice Shop in Edo Era

Tempura(天ぷら) Stand in Edo Era

Even Japanese Visitors Taking Photos of Unusual Scene of Edo Era in Fukagawa Edo Museum

Only Cat Same as Now?

Kiyosumi-shirakawa - English Guide Available at Fukagawa Edo Museum

Guides who can speak English are available and explain about Shitamachi in Edo Era to visitors at Fukagawa Edo Museum.

Feel free to ask about the English guides at the entrance!

English-speaker Guide for Free at Fukagawa Edo Museum

Visiting Information of Fukagawa Edo Museum

400 Yen

Opening Hours

Building of Fukagawa Edo Museum

Entrance of Fukagawa Edo Museum

Cute Cat Telling Visitors Admission of Fukagawa Edo Museum and Opening Hours

Access to Fukagawa Edo Art Museum

5-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line(東京メトロ半蔵門線) or Toei Oedo Line(都営大江戸線) Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station(清澄白河) Exit A3 

Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station

Cute Cat at Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station Guiding Visitors to Fukagawa Edo Museum

Website of Fukagawa Edo Museum

(Only Japanese)

Map around Fukagawa Edo Museum

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