Tokyo Travel Tips - The Way to Buy Baseball Game Ticket and Enjoy Foods at Jingu Stadium

On an article 'Jingu Stadium - Watching Japanese Professional Baseball Game in Open Air Ballpark', I showed you how baseball(野球, Yakyu) so popular in Japan.

With this post, I would like to tell you how to buy baseball game ticket and enjoy foods around Jingu Stadium.

Jingu Stadium - How to Buy Baseball Game Ticket at Jingu Stadium

Leaving Exit 3 of Gaienmae Station of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and go up a slope for about 7 minutes lead you to the wonderful open air stadium.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Gaienmae Station

Go to Exit 3 of Gaienmae Station

Go to Exit 3 of Gaienmae Station

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Gaienmae Staition Exit 3

There is Tokyo Yakult Swallows official goods shop on the way from Gaienmae Station to Jingu Stadium

Arrive at Jingu Stadium, go straight to a ticket box under under chinese character'明治神宮野球場' to buy baseball game ticket.

We can buy the ticket from
1. 11:00 when baseball game is held at night 
2. 10:00 when the game is held in the afternoon.

Ticket price depends on how the opponent is popular or not and if the gameday is on weekdays or on weekend, so check out the price and the gameday schedule details through Jingu Stadium webpage.

It is relatively easy to buy ticket of night game, but I suggest that you should go to the ticket box earlier when you want to watch the game in the afternoon

Because the game normally held on weekends and so many baseball fans visit the stadium.

Jingu Stadium

Jingu Stadium Ticket Box under chinese character'明治神宮野球場'

Jingu Stadium - Enjoy foods at and around Jingu Stadium

We can choose many foods and drinks at convenience stores and shops at and around Jingu Stadium.

However, be careful of 2 things.

First, food and drink price at shops inside the stadium is basically 1.5~2 times as expensive as that of Japanese Convenience Store(コンビニ, Konbini) outside the stadium.

Second, canned drink is not allowed into the stadium.

So we have to bring paper-packed beverage or buy drink at shops inside the stadium.

Restaurants around Jingu Stadium serve special foods for gameday.

FamilyMart, one of Japanese Convenience Store Chain, near Jingu Stadium

Kebab Shop around Jingu Stadium

Food Shops inside Jingu Stadium

Japanese Curry and Donburi Shop inside Jingu Stadium

We can buy alchoholic drink from special drink seller girl called Uriko(売り子)

Website of Jingu Stadium

(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean are also available)

Map around Jingu Stadium

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