Tokyo Travel Tips - Way to go to Tokyo Stadium, A Venue of Rugby World Cup 2019

As I wrote on my blog's article about Tokyo Stadium, Japan will host Rugby World Cup 2019, and Tokyo Stadium(東京スタジアム) is one of the venues of the 2nd most-viewed sport event.

Here I would like to show you, how we can arrive at the stadium usually called as Ajinomoto Stadium(味の素スタジアム) from the center of Tokyo.

How to Ride Keio Line Train at Shinjuku Station

The nearest station of Tokyo Stadium is Tobitakyu Station(飛田給) of Keio Line(京王線) operated by Keio Corporation(京王電鉄).

So let's ride Keio Line train from Shinjuku Station(新宿), a terminus of Keio Line.

When you can reach Keio Line Shinjuku Station, you first need to buy a ticket through ticket vending machines before going through ticket gates to go to the platforms.

Station staffs who can speak English are ready around the machine, so feel free to ask them, how to buy the ticket.

1. Go to Keio Line Shinjuku Station.

2. Buy a ticket to Tobitakyu Staiton 240 Yen with ticket vending machine, around which staffs who can speak English are ready to advice to buy(If we have Prepaid IC Cards like Suica or PASMO, the fare to Tobitakyu Station is 237 Yen).

3. Go through ticket gates to go down to the platform.

On a day when a rugby friendly match between Japan and Ireland was held, Keio Corporation prepared for guide information about Tokyo Stadium by QR code at Shinjuku Station.

In Keio Line Shinjuku Station we can access to free Wi-Fi.

How to go from Shinjuku to Tobitakyu with Keio Line Train

The easiest way from Shinjuku to Tobitakyu with Keio Line train is to ride local train(各駅停車, Kakueki-teisha).

However, it will take about 40 minutes to arrive at Tobitakyu Station.

If we use the way below, we will be able to cut the time to about 25 minutes to reach Tobitakyu Station.

(When we have enough time until start of rugby match, it doesn't matter if we ride local train.)

1. Find special express(特急, Tokkyu) or semi special express(準特急, Jun-tokkyu) train from Shinjuku Station(No additional fare for the train).

2. Ride special express or semi special express train from Shinjuku Station.

3. Get off special express or semi express train at Chofu Station(調布).
Chofu Station is the second stop of special express train and the fourth stop of semi special express train each from Shinjuku Station.

4. Find local train bound for Keio-hachioji(京王八王子) or Takaosanguchi(高尾山口), not bound for Hashimoto(橋本).

5. Change local train bound for Keio-hachioji or Takaosanguchi at Chofu Station.

6. Get off local train at Tobitakyu Station.
Tobitakyu Station is the second stop of local train from Chofu Station.

How to Go Walk from Tobitakyu Station to Tokyo Stadium

A way to walk from Tobitakyu Station to Tokyo Stadium is not difficult because there is only the one way.

But we should take care of that the road will be too filled with spectators to reach Tokyo Stadium fast.

1. Go through ticket gates of Tobitakyu Station.

2. We are adviced to buy a return ticket with vending machine in Tobitakyu Station in advance because the spectators will try to go back to Tobitakyu Station at the same time.

3. Go through North Exit(北口, Kita-guchi) of Tobitakyu Station.

4. There are some convenience stores and fast food shops to buy food and drink around Tobitakyu Station North Exit.

5. Go straight along a road to Tokyo Stadium.

6. Go upstairs to reach an entrance of Tokyo Stadium.

7. Arrive at Tokyo Stadium(usually called as Ajinomoto Stadium because of naming rights).

Go Back to Tobitakyu Station after Rugby Match

No matter your supporting team win or lose, you would have to endure a long time to go back to Tobitakyu Station because there is only one way from Tokyo Stadium to Tobitakyu Station.

Moreover, Keio Line trains also will be crowded with so many spectators.

When I tried to go back to Tobitakyu Station after a rugby friendly match between Japan and Ireland on 25th June, 2017, it took about 20 minutes from Tokyo Stadium to the station!

On the other hand, some special express and semi special express trains stopped at Tobitakyu Station as a special service for the spectators.

A special transportation service like that might be also introduced for the big sport event, so please check out the Rugby World Cup 2019 official site or Keio Corporation official site.

1. Go to an exit bound for Tobitakyu Station.

2. Leave Tokyo Stadium.

3. Go downstairs to go to Tobitakyu Station.

4. Reach Tobitakyu Station about 20 Minutes after going through the exit of Tokyo Stadium.

5. Go through ticket gates of Tobitakyu Station.

6. Be careful of crowdedness of Keio Line train from Tobitakyu Station after Rugby Match.

More Access Information of Tokyo Stadium


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