Tokyo Cafe for Nomad - ZEN Cha'fe (ZEN茶'fe)

Around Nihonbashi and Mitsukoshimae Station there are many fancy restraunts and cafe between high buildings and department stores like Mitsukoshi.

Between the buildings, however, some stylish cafes offers tasty beverages, and ZEN Cha'fe (ZEN茶'fe) is one of them.

ZEN Cha'fe - Relaxed Atmosphere Inside between Business and Shopping Areas

Although Nihonbashi area is always busy with office workers on weekdays or visitors on weekends, ZEN Cha'fe keeps relaxed atmosphere inside based on Japanese style design.

ZEN Cha'fe 2nd Floor

ZEN Cha'fe - Japanese Green Tea Based Beverages and Free Wi-Fi Available

Zen Chafe offers us especially green tea based beverages such as Macha Espresso, Macha Latte and Green Tea Latte with rice bowl.

We can also use our computers with ZEN Cha'fe's free and secured Wi-Fi with ZEN Cha'fe's foods and beverages.

Maccha Latte Hot 580 Yen at ZEN Cha'fe

ZEN Cha'fe Official Site

(Only Japanese)

Access to ZEN Cha'fe

1-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line(東京メトロ銀座線) and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line(東京メトロ半蔵門) Mitsukoshimae Station(三越前) Exit A1

Map around ZENcha'fe

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